Steve Ray Vaughan Style Bone & Jade Fish Hook Necklace

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Steve Ray Vaughan Style Bone & Jade Fish Hook Necklace 

Size:6.5cm (65 mm) L x 3.5 cm (35 mm) W/ Inches: 2.5" L x 1.4" W

This traditional design brings together the two very powerful elements of the Hei-Matau and the Manaia.

The Hei Matau (fish hook) represents prosperity, abundance, and safe journey--esp over water. The Manaia is a mythical bird-like creature that is held to be a protector over land, sea and air.

Comes on a one size fits all braided style cord that can be adjusted to a variety of lengths. 

Includes a traditional style woven flax gift pouch with the meaning of the piece.

*For Further Information on Bone and the meanings of the different Designs  Click Here