Bone and Acacia Wood Maori Hawaiian Fish Hook Necklace with Specialty Binding

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Extra Large Hand Carved *Acacia Wood and Bone Maori Hawaiian Fish Hook

*Acacia aka KOA Wood in Hawaii

The Hei Matau (Maori) Makau (Hawaiian) fish hook represents not only the land, but prosperity, abundance, good luck, and safe journey--esp over water. 

SIZE: 6.3cm (63mm) L x 3.4cm (34mm) / INCHES: 2.4" x 1.4 W

Comes standard on a one size fits all, adjustable, natural color braided cord with brown cord binding accent.

*For Further Information on Bone and the meanings of the different designs  Click Here

 (All bone used by us is a by-product of industries that make use of non-endagered, non-exotic species of domesticated bovine, such as domestic beef bone.)